Boat Parties

Boat Party Check-In


  • Boats leave at 5 PM and return at 9PM.
  • Check-In ends 30 minutes before departure (4:30PM)
  • If you are too late for check-in, you lose your spot on the boat.
  • We recommend that you are at the pier 45 minutes before departure.
  • Bring your ticket either printed or on your phone.
Google Maps Location of the Pier

On Board:

  • It is forbidden to jump in the water. If you jump you will lose your festival wristband.
  • Always follow the instructions by the crew!
  • Bring some sunscreen, sunglasses and/or a hat: There is limited shade available on the dancefloor.

After the party:

  • Please put on clothing and do not walk around in the city with a bare torso due to respect to the residents living in Novalja.

Boat Parties are sold out. Do not buy tickets from people you do not know, you might fall for a scam.